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Machu Picchu Part 1

Machu Picchu Part 1, is a rework of the bass clarinet intro to the first composition for the Impressions of project. Written ten years after my visit to the mysterious city, it conjures up the atmosphere I felt during my time there.

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Beagle Channel

Situated at the tip of South America this strait divides Argentina and Chile, and is home to some of the southernmost settlements in the world. This piece depicts both the beauty and wildness of the Beagle Channel.

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Arrival In Svolvaer

After leaving the 2011 Molde Jazz Festival I travelled north on the coastal ferry to Svolvaer on the Lofoten Islands. Arrival In Svolvaer is a tone poem written in 2015 inspired by the latter part of this journey.

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The Journey Home

Click here to listen to The Journey Home

Beach Hut 49

Click here to listen to Beach Hut 49

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