Rob Yockney

Saxophonist and composer Rob Yockney is a member of The Big Noise Street Band based in Taunton, and attends the Bristol Jazz Workshop, and has composed music featuring saxophone, for the projects Impressions of … and Que Pasa? a spoken word and music show with poets Chris Waters and Chris Fogg.

(Photo by Justin Yockney)

2020 was an unusual year, and with the restrictions on live performance, Rob took the opportunity to compose a series of pieces relating to his feelings of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact, and a suite of music around his experiences kayaking.

During 2020, Rob also reworked the introduction to the first piece written for the Impressions of … project, Machu Picchu. The introduction to the piece is a haunting melody played on the bass clarinet, and this was augmented with a tenor saxophone harmony line to create Machu Picchu Part 1. This and the original were both inspired by a visit to Machu Picchu in 2003 and conjure up the atmosphere and magic of this amazing place.

Click here to view video.

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